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Occasionally people need help with grief, loneliness, guilt or other issues associated with loss. With hypnotherapy, you can overcome many of the issues that are impacting them, whether to help with More>>
Services Offered by Mind's Eye Hypnosis HYPNOSIS: I work with clients and lead them through hypnosis, as well as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), to help them triumph over challenges like More>>
Many parents would love to help their children overcome fears and deal with other difficulties they may be facing in order to make their child's life easier and more manageable. Professional More>>
Through the power of hypnosis, you can overcome anxieties you may feel when it comes to exams and studying. Most people would love to feel calm, relaxed, and confident when needing to take an More>>
Many people want help in overcoming fears and phobias. They would love to expel the fears that can often rule their lives and hypnosis has been proven to be very successful in helping to deal with More>>
Many people wish to always put their best foot forward, and this is especially true in sports. Help you to gain the confidence to excel in your chosen sport, such as running, cycling, golf, or More>>
At Mind's Eye Hypnosis (MEH), we are dedicated to the health and safety of our clients. While recent news of the COVID-19 situation may have you rethinking leaving your home, we want you to know that More>>
When you are ill with an acute illness such as bronchitis or the flu, you recognize that you will feel better and back to normal within a short period of time. A chronic illness, on the other hand, More>>